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The Bri-Den Co. Inc. was established in August 1986 by Brian and Kim Morrison as a family business. Our operation, which started in a basement, has grown to include an 18,000 square foot office, warehouse, and sheet metal shop in Ashland, KY and a 5,000 square foot facility in Berea, KY.

We specialize in a wide range of commercial and industrial roofing and sheet metal projects, ranging from a small shop-fabricating job, to a large convention center or arena roof. Our experienced personnel include a full staff of estimators, project managers, supervisors, clerical personnel, journeyman roofers, and journeyman sheet metal mechanics.

Bri-Den is proud to be a family business. The same values that contribute to a strong family are the same values responsible for our company's growth and the same values of honesty, integrity, and perfection you insist on as a customer.

We treat both our employees and our clients as family. The result? You are guaranteed quality work and customer satisfaction.

Professionalism Based On Experience
Bri-Den's success rests on the professionalism of our employees and their relentless insistence on excellence and quality. The average length of employment with us is 15 years; and our staff represents 700 years total experience. This means they care about the company, the quality of work they do, and you as a customer.

We have the knowledge and experience in every facet of roofing to know exactly what to do. Our philosophy is to educate our clients. We carefully analyze your situation, tell you precisely what you need and what we'll do. This practice affects our performance on the project. We do it right the first time!

We're Here To Stay!
Bri-Den is committed to staying in business for many years. We do what is needed to earn your trust. Our customers come back.

Honesty & Respect
We have built a reputation of honesty and reliability by standing by our family name and never cutting corners. When we do a job, it doesn't have to be redone, or fixed. We stake our reputation on our high standards of work.

R. Brian Morrison

Kimberly K. Morrison
Executive Vice President

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